Five goals for September


Can you hear the birds singing? Spring is finally here and I couldn’t be happier.

With a new month comes the time to sit and look back at August. I think I did well achieving the goals I set for myself. I have made good progress on the cardigan I have been knitting myself.

A and I sat down and went over our financials. I did quite well at sticking to things…more or less. This is an area of constant work in progress for me. But I will mark each improvement as a win. We have a big goal we are working towards now so I have to get really serious in this department.

While my sister was here we were not our healthiest and I felt the consequences of that. But i managed to get us back on the wagon and I’m really proud of that!

I’m not going to lie. I totally sucked at the whole get out of bed earlier thing. More than a few mornings were really rushed because of this! I’m trying ok, I’m just pretty bad at being a morning person.

On the positive though, my capsule wardrobe for the new season is complete and beautiful. I can’t wait to wear all the new stuff!

Here are my goals for September

  1. Start getting the garden spring ready and spend more time outside! The warm weather has me craving time outside. I have some great plans for my little balcony garden and I can’t wait to get started one sprucing things up a bit. I also want to spend more time outside and away from the TV.
  2. Start being more consistent with exercise. I have been far too sedentary these past few months. I need to move more. I know I will probably need to start small, but this month I really want to focus on working out more. I’m also writing here so I remember it, but I need to keep up the progress on healthy eating.
  3. Reach the half way point with my cardigan. I feel like I will be knitting this jersey forever. But I want to at least reach the half way mark this month. I know I can do it.
  4. Spring clean and organise everything. The time has come for another round of decluttering, streamlining and tidying. I try and do this on a pretty regular basis, but I especially feel the need to shake off the winter cobwebs this year. This is a big project but I’m ready!
  5. Drink less coffee and more water. I’m really bad at drinking water in the winter. So my goal is to up the H20 consumption and work my coffee down to a bare minimum.

*bonus goal* We are saving for a holiday oversees next year. I need to be extra vigilant about where my money is going. No unnecessary purchases!


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