Getting in a workout while hanging out with your toddler

One of the things you don’t know about babies until you have one of your own is that just when you get used to their schedule they decide it’s time to change things up.

Willow has dropped to one nap for a while ago now. And now that she is in a much more active class at school she is taking her naps there on a more regular basis. This has meant that we don’t really nap at home in the afternoons anymore.

Previously this nap time was when I would do household chores, squeeze in a workout and other tasks that needed to be done. These days we are often playing. So this mama has had to get creative.

For me, the simplest solution was just to do the workout while she plays. Now that it’s getting warmer we head outside and she potters about while I do my reps.

I have needed to do some adjustments with regards to equipment. My hand weights and skipping rope no longer fit the bill. Instead, I use resistance bands, which are really effective. Otherwise, I will just do body weight exercises. I try to keep to a HIIT plan so that I can get the most out of a short amount of time.

I’m hoping that by seeing me working out I am also fostering a love of being active in Willow. I also let her play with the resistance bands or help me with my work out – a 12kg toddler is an awesome weight for some moves, even just to hold her kills my arms sometimes!

I have found this a lot more fun than I expected. She’s my little workout buddy and the goofing around makes things interesting let me tell you. Plus she rewards me by feeding me cheerios afterwards, who can complain about that?

One thing I can’t really do with her just yet is Yoga. She’s a little too active for that. So I try to reserve my sessions for when she’s napping on the weekends. Although I’ll be honest that doesn’t always happen.

And the chores? Those have been pushed down the list of priorities 😉


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