Willow’s Spring Wardrobe

I’m not going to lie to you, Willow’s wardrobe is a complete mess right now.

I have 18 to 24 and 12 to 18 months clothes all mixed together. I’m constantly scratching in there looking for things. I need to give it a really good spring clean. Not to mention that her cupboard is full of clothes that don’t fit anymore, waiting to be turned into that ultra-cool Pinterest quilt. Sigh, not enough hours in the day and way too much procrastination going on in these parts.

But, I am happy to report that her spring/summer wardrobe is sorted! I have collected some really stunning things. Most of the items were bought in the sales last summer with a few things added here and there in the past two months. I love shopping for Willow’s clothes int he sale and always buy for the next season.

I am still waiting on her summer sandals, which are being couriered to us. I have included a pic of what they look like.  All that’s needed is some swim suits and a sun hat.

I want to show you what she will be rocking throughout the warmer months. As expected there is a fair amount of pink, but I have tempered it with hints of denim, greys, blues and navies. It’s comfy and fun which is ideal. I will be keeping a few jerseys and jeans over from her winter stuff so we can layer them up nicely in the case of iffy weather. All-in-all she will have 50 pieces (including shoes, PJs, and swim suits

So without further ado here is Willow’s Spring Capsule 2016 *sorry if some of pics are poor, taking photos with a busy toddler around is no joke!*:




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