Knitting project: The Ice Cream Jersey


Ah, the infamous Ice Cream Jersey! It is finally finished and I couldn’t be happier with the final product.

Knitting projects take a lot longer now that Willow is bigger, but I will admit to taking a long break in the middle there. After having Vertigo it was a while before I could concentrate in knitting without feeling dizzy.

I used Elle Gold Baby DK to make this jersey and the final fabric feels so comfy and squishy, so I’m really happy with that. The colours I used were Lavendar, Vanilla and Candy. The pattern came out of the You Magazine.

This was the first time I had worked a pattern than required colour changing to make a stripe. I really enjoyed this pattern. The constant colour changing kept a pretty straight forward stocking stitch from becoming tedious and boring. I had an issue with using the wrong measurements in the beginning so I had to start again, but I quickly caught up to where I was.

I’m beyond thrilled with the result. Even though I made an 18 to 24 size it is still very big for Willow. I hope this means she will get even more use out of it.

I have left over wool which I am using to make her a scarf.


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