Five Goals for August


I always have a list of goals that I want to work on during the month. I’m not a big one for New Year’s Resolutions, but achievable monthly goals are right up my alley. So this month I thought I would share what’s the plan for August.

  1. Stick to my budget and be more mindful about spending. I have managed to slip into a very spendy frame of mind and have often been finding myself craving new things that in all honesty I don’t need. So this month I want to be a lot more mindful about money and what I spend it on.
  2. Knit myself something. I have been knitting a whole lot for Willow as it is so easy knitting for a child and the projects finish up really quickly. But I spotted a gorgeous project in the July issue of Your Family and I really want to make it. I have bought the wool, I just need to get going.
  3. Work on getting out of bed a little earlier. I have found mornings very rushed and chaotic lately. I have been very reluctant to get out of bed and this has left me with not enough time to get myself and a toddler ready for the day. So this month I really want to focus on getting out of bed earlier. I think it’s all going to start with going to bed earlier…
  4. Continue making progress on making healthy choices. Falling off the wagon is part of life, but I have found myself to be so much happier when I’m making good choices. So I want to keep building on the momentum I created in July. After all, spring will soon be here and with that comes tank tops and shorts! As part of this goal, I want to start bringing yoga back into my weekly routine.
  5. Start planning and putting together my Spring capsule wardrobe. In South Africa, the weather tends to get transitional around mid-August. Already I can see that the long term forecast has the temps steadily rising into the mid-20s. So it’s time to start rolling out the next season’s clothing.

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