Friday Favourites: July 29


The sunset on our way to visit my folks on the weekend

Wow, July seemed to just fly past! Seriously though, didn’t we just start this month and now it’s over already? I hope you guys have had a great month and week.

Things have been a little crazy around here. This week has been ridiculously cold! It’s been a real challenge sending Willow to school each day because it has been frigid outside. South Africans are not equipped to deal with this kind of weather! Dressing a toddler for cold weather is such a challenge.

Hail in our little garden on Tuesday

Hail in our little garden on Tuesday

Willow’s mid-year assessment from her school came home on Monday. She is doing so well and I have a full post on it coming soon.

We’ve been getting ready for house guests, continuing the business of day to day life and doing a little future prepping. I am optimistically getting a few things together to welcome spring. In my mind, I’m done with winter. It’s crap and I’m ready to say farewell. With August bearing down on us we are finally at the end of the cold, winter months.


While the official start of spring may be mid-September we have always marked it as the 1st of that month. But traditionally things start to warm up in the middle of August. The Jasmine has already started growing and the long term forecast shows that come the end of the month, we’ll be seeing temps in the low to mid 20s. I cannot wait! I’m over the dryness, the dust, the cold, the dreariness. Winter can be done now please and thank you.


Product of the week: Palladio 2-in-1 Cheek and Lip Tint in Dainty. As mentioned I’m feeling like spring over here and I have been loving a nice fresh face. This blush fits the bill beautifully. It gives such a natural look to the cheeks I love it!

Purchase of the week: I am in love with this rusty colour midi skirt that I bought from Spree in the sale. They didn’t have my size in stock, but the size up fits like a dream. I can wait for the weather to get warmer so I can wear it!


Project of the week: I have started work on a jersey for myself! It’s a beautiful waterfall cardigan (the pattern is from last month’s Essentials magazine). It’s not hard, but the sheer amount of fabric I have to make makes me feel like I’ll be here for the rest of my life! That said I am obsessed with the colour of the wool I bought for it so I really hope I get to wear it soon (It’s called Snomoon and is an Elle Family knit DK).

Best moment: Watching A show Willow off at a function we attended on Saturday night. She was dressed in an outfit he picked out for her and she looked adorable. He was such a proud Daddy. It was a heart melting moment.

Looking forward to: Going Bridesmaid dress shopping and seeing my sister this weekend. This is going to be one hectic weekend, but I’m ready!

20160723_161755 20160723_161608 20160723_161440

A few shots of Willow playing in the garden at my parents house

A few shots of Willow playing in the garden at my parents house



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