Naartjie Winter sale

The Naartjie in the shopping centre close to where I live has completely been taken over by their winter sale. In fact, I really struggled to find clothing not on sale when I was there the other day.

I love shopping at Naartjie when they’re on sale. They do such great basics and I love the bright fun colours and prints. My trick for shopping sales is to buy for the next year. Most of the clothes she is currently wearing come from Naartjie and I bought them during last year’s sales.

Now that Willow is in a more stable growth pattern this is even easier. So I took advantage of the sales prices and bought her a few things. I do draw the line at shoes. I find shoes very difficult to guestimate. So I tend to buy those as and when we need them. If I see something I really like I may buy them one size up for when her feet grow. But as it stands i feel like she’s outgrowing shoes at an alarming rate!

I didn’t go crazy, but I did pick up a few things. I like to get things that are easily mixed and matched. That way getting dressed in the morning is so much easier.


Raspberry pink corduroy pants


Cream fleece hoodie


Grey striped leggings


Cream bunny t shirt


Purple polka dot leggings


Grey heart tshirt (I didn’t buy this, but my mother-in-law did. Theya re also on sale though. Bonus it goes with everything else!).


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