Review: Cuddledry Cuddlebug Bamboo Hooded Towel

Cute little bug in her hooded towel

Cute little bug in her hooded towel

I had been looking for a large hooded towel for Willow for ages. There are plenty of these available for little babies, but they seem to disappear as your child gets older.
I wanted something soft and warm for swimming, especially now that it’s so chilly when we get out of the pool. I wanted something that would cover her up nicely while she stood and waited for me to take her to the change room.
I was starting to think this was an impossible request. Then one day while browsing in Kids Emporium I found this one. I was debating between two towels, a blue more traditional towel and this one, which is made from bamboo fibres. The sales one recommended this one and I love it.
It is a large, double-layered towel that is so soft and cuddly. Its hood is nice and big and fits Willows head nicely. She gets a real kick out of wearing it and if she finds it lying around will often put it on and wander around the house in it.
The towel is also nice and big. It falls right to the floor. It is supposed to last her up until she’s three and I think that is pretty accurate. It is still very roomy, with plenty of space to grow.
It is also an incredibly cute design. The bright pink with polka dots makes it easy to identify and the ears on the hood are just adorable.
From a practical standpoint, the towel absorbs water very well. Too often with swimming towels, it feels like they just move water around and don’t soak any up. It also washes well. We have washed it several times and there are no pulls and the fabric still feels as soft as the day I bought it.
The only downside for me was the price. I’m not going to lie to you, this was not cheap. But I figured she’s going to use it for many years. Well, that was the reasoning I used to justify paying what I did for it… #sorrynotsorry
If you’re in the market for a swimming or bath towel for a toddler then I highly recommend this one. Just a fair warning the price is pretty steep for South Africa.


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