Friday Favourites: 15 July

Willow has been showing so many child-like traits in the last few weeks. It seems as though those last few vestiges of babyhood are well behind her now.


She is increasingly resistant of help in any form. I can’t help feed her, brush her teeth, colour in, or climb up and down the stairs. I’m not even allowed to hold her hand when we walk from her classroom to the car in the afternoons. I love seeing her independence grow and develop, but it also makes me a little sad. I’m waiting for her to move past the phase because I really miss holding her hand.

She also objects to me carrying her nappy bag, but it’s too heavy for her to carry herself even though she tries valiantly. We’re going to have to get her a little backpack for school! A backpack! Where did my baby go?

Delicious strawberries!

Delicious strawberries!

This week has just flown by. I woke up on Thursday and couldn’t figure out how we got there so quickly!

A and I went out for a fabulous dinner on Tuesday. I really enjoy our nights out. It’s been really great reconnecting him. Willow loves her baby sitter and gets so excited when she arrives on Tuesday evenings. She stomps her feet and squeals then launches into a torrent of babbles, which I’m sure is her relating the entire week’s happenings. It’s adorable. And the fact that she so enjoys her Tuesday evenings makes me feel better about going out. I’m able to really relax and be in the moment.

We have no plans this weekend beyond getting Willow out of the house for a while. I hope you all have a great weekend!


Product of the week: I have fallen back in love with the Rimmel Magnif’eyes Duos. I have two – Kissed by a Rose Gold and Queens of the Bronze Age. I have had these for ages but have really been getting use out of them recently. They are just so easy to use and are perfect when you want something that looks complex in a hurry, which to be honest is most days. I like to apply the cream shadow to my lids and blend with a fluffy brush to diffuse the pigment. It looks so pretty. Be sure to do one eye at a time as they set quickly and once set they do not move. I really hope Rimmel brings these out in more colours (there are only 4 at the moment).


Purchase of the week: Ball wide mouth 16Oz glass jars. I found these at Pick n Pay. They are ideal for taking to work. At the moment I use them to take my oats to work in the morning. I cook up a big batch on Sunday and then portion it out for breakfast throughout the week. Also, I love that they’re glass as it means I can heat things in them without worry.


Project of the week: The Ice Cream Jersey is finally finished and it looks adorable! I made it using Elle Gold Baby DK which has made the most beautiful fabric. It is so squishy and comfy. I’m incredibly chuffed with the result. The colours I used were Lavender, Vanilla and Candy. I also did a little side project: I decided to make Willow an infinity scarf using the left over wool. I wanted to practise moss stitch to give it some interest and I love it!

Best moment: Sitting chatting and laughing with A over a delicious bowl of pasta on Tuesday night. It was glorious.

Looking forward to: Getting Willow’s mid year assessment from school in the next couple of weeks!



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