Books and websites I found most helpful: birth to 18months

Navigating the waters of being a first-time mom is thrilling and terrifying all at the same time. There is a very specific moment when you leave the hospital with your newborn that you realise you are now

There is a very specific moment when you leave the hospital with your newborn that you realise you are now solely responsible for a human being and nothing can prepare you for that!

I ended up reading books or stalking forums quite a bit to find answers for my questions. I took comfort from the fact that someone, somewhere had been through what I was experiencing now and had advise to offer.

Google can be a very scary place, but I found some great resources that helped me to navigate the tricky waters of raising an infant.

I thought I would make a quick list of the books and resources I found the most helpful during Willow’s first year and a half.

My philosophy with books, websites and general advice is: listen to everything and take away what will work for you. You don’t have to try out every piece of advice. Just nod, say thanks, I’ll consider it and move on. But I always tried everything at least once. Also, when it comes to sleep give the method a good 7 to 10 days before you write it off!

I hope they help you!

General baby info:

The Wonder Weeks (This book is so interesting and was so incredibly useful! I think this is a must have.) Also, check out the website here, and the mobile app here

Baby Sense (Full of great info to help you understand your newborn and baby. I didn’t use all the info, but took what I needed.) I bought mine at Baby City. Check out the website here

Baby Centre (A great stop from pregnancy to babyhood and beyond. Sign up for their newsletter; it’s full of great topics.)


Ella’s Kitchen: the Purple One (I really enjoyed this one for its information on weaning and its step by step weaning layout. It made the whole process so much easier.)

Top 100 Baby and Toddler Meals in Minutes – Annabel Karmel (The recipes in the book are delicious. I still use them to this day and they have always been a big hit with Willow. Karmel is the queen of weaning!)


The No-Cry Sleep Solution – Elizabeth Pantley (This is the book I wish had worked out for us. I love her methodology. But Willow had other plans. I read this book and tried out many of the methods with degrees of success. No-cry was just not for us. I learnt a lot from the book and many principles are part of our nightly routine.) (This is the site that changed everything for me. I can’t wait for the book that Alex is writing. Her writing connects with me, I don’t feel looked down on and her advice makes sense and works!) (Lots of really useful information on sleep regressions, schedules and wake times, etc. The weekly newsletter was something I looked forward to getting for a long time!)


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