Willow’s 18 month check up


Hot on the heels of hitting the 18-month mark, Willow had her doctor’s appointment yesterday. So while the details are still fresh in my mind I’m going to quickly write this post.

One thing I wanted to follow up on with the doctor was her allergy situation. We finished the last of her prescription nose pump back in early April and while she was fine for a while I have been feeling like the allergies were making their presence known again in the last week or so.

She’s been cranky, her sleep has been difficult and fractured, her nose has been streaming. And on the weekend I noticed the dark blue marks beneath her eyes again.

Sure enough, the pressure in her ears was very high. She’s been put back on the nasal steroids for a month and then we will check again. If it continues like this she might need to see an ENT, but we’re hoping to avoid that.

Besides the allergies, the doctor was very pleased with her progress. She has hit most of her developmental milestones. The few she hasn’t hit yet, she is showing signs that she will soon. So we’re very happy with her progress.

In terms of her stats, she has definitely had a growth spurt in the past few weeks. She is still in the 90th percentile for height and weight.

Weight: 12.2kg

Height: 81cm

Head Circumference: 48cm

Also, she is in size 4+ nappies and is officially in 18 to 24-month clothing for those who are curious.

Besides the ear pressure from her allergies, she is in excellent health. She was also such a doll during her appointment. She sat and drew pictures on the piece of paper the doctor gave her. She didn’t cause a fuss when her ears, nose and throat were examined. She just sat and watched the doctor with a wary look on her face. By the time we left she was chatting and singing.

She did get one jab. She yelled a bit when the needle when in, but that was it and she just got on with her day.



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