Space to play: making a home playground


I have satisfied my makeover craving by creating Willow a little playground on our upstairs balcony.

I take her to the park a few times a week so when I saw a few miniature playground items in the shops recently I decided to recreate the park at home.

The one thing about the park is that there is no toddler play area – everything is all way too big for Willow Bug to play on alone. That’s the beauty of our little playground. Everything is miniature.


I bought her a bright pink toddler slide and a really fun rocker. I’m still on the hunt for a swing. I thought I had found one which would have been perfect, but it turned out to be a bust. We also got her sand to put in her water/sand table.


It has been a huge success. All weekend long all Willow wanted was to be outside playing. She loves the slide. She spent almost an hour playing on it. She was only distracted when she discovered the sand and spent another hour or so digging and filling a little sand castle.

I am so chuffed with how it all came out. The items are not overwhelming to the small space we have and they don’t look out of place in our small ‘garden’.


I was actually pretty surprised by how easy it was to create and how quickly its become part of our home.

My next project is a mini lounge makeover. I want to add more storage, rearrange a bit to use our space better and create a Willow-friendly play zone.

We don’t have the space to create a dedicated play room or area. So we share our lounge with Willow’s toys. Most days the mess is easy to tidy, but sometimes it feels like I live in a toy store. So we’re getting built in cupboards to help with the mess a bit and then I’m ordering Willow a table and chairs set so she has a place where she can sit to colour and play.



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