Friday Favourites: June 17


Happy Friday all! I am currently in the middle of a very enjoyable four day weekend and loving life!

This week has been so incredibly cold here in Jozi! It’s definitely been the best time to be at home. The cold front rolled in on Sunday and we woke to rain and polar bears on Monday. There has even been snow in many parts of the country (this is very exciting for us, as we don’t see snow often)!

So we have all been huddled under blankets, sipping on hot chocolate and being super lazy. I needed to find ways to keep Miss Willow entertained as she wouldn’t be able to go outside as much. So I stocked up on crayons, play dough and stickers. We’ve also invented a few games that we’ve played in the lounge.

Poor sick baby! pajamas from Bonds

Poor sick baby! pajamas from Bonds

Speaking of Willow, the poor girl got some mystery illness on the weekend. All Saturday and Sunday we were fighting a very high temperature. All is well now. But none of us got much sleep. I also think she’s cutting her final molars. There has been so much drool! She’s also been way crankier than usual.

The bright light at the end of the tunnel? After this round of teething we are done for a good long time!

Feeling better! Tshirt and track pants from Naartjie, Boots from shoo Shoos

Feeling better! Tshirt and track pants from Naartjie, Boots from shoo Shoos

Giving Dad a makeover

Giving Dad a makeover

This weekend we plan to chill out, do some errands and eating oxtail. Sounds like my kind of weekend!

nivea-oil-carton-and-primary-500px-jpg Palmer-39-s-Cocoa-Butter-Formula-Skin-Therapy-Oil-Face-1-fl-oz__41M0lhdLR2L

Products of the week: This week I’ve been obsessed with oils. I love this Palmer’s Skin Therapy Face Oil with Rosehip and Retinol. It has been giving my skin a gorgeous glow. Also worth a mention is the Nivea Firming Body Oil, which has my skin looking and feeling great.

Blanket scarf from Pick n Pay. Those colours though!

Blanket scarf from Pick n Pay. Those colours though!

Purchase of the week: This gorgeous blanket scarf which has really come in handy while its been so cold. I picked this up from Pick n Pay on the weekend.

Project of the week: I’m back to working on the ice cream jersey. It’s coming together nicely. The fabric looks so good! I’m excited for it to be done.

TV show of the week: Have you seen Deadly Women on Netflix? I’m morbidly fascinated. Also A and I have finally caught up on Rosewood. Can you tell I like crime shows?

Best moment: Oxtail dinner with our friends last night. I love my friends, I love oxtail. What could be better?

Looking forward to: Finishing up Willow’s Ice Cream Jersey. I’m putting it high on the priority list this weekend.


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