Sleeping bags for toddlers

I’m a huge believer in sleep sacks for little ones. Willow has slept in one practically all her life.

Why do I love them?Well, there is no way the baby can kick their blankets off in the middle of the night and wake up cold, there is less risk of suffocation as there is no need for additional blankets, also, they are great for when you transition a baby out of the swaddle (which I wrote about here).

Now not all sleeping bags are created equal. And every child comes with their own challenges. My sister-in-law’s little one learned how to undo the poppers and zips which resulted in them having to put the bag on back to front for a while!

We have always bought our sleeping bags according to baby size and season (I have just bought Willow’s latest round of winter sleeping bags). I suggest getting two. Nothing is more annoying than have to rush to get it washed and dried in time for bed. This is especially true if you have a smaller baby as accidents happen! We have had many a blowout and leaky nappy in the night.

These are just the ones I have tried and enjoyed using:

For the swaddle transition:

Love to Dream 50/50

Love to Dream 50/50

We used the Love to Dream Swaddle UP 50/50 last spring when we transitioned Willow out of the swaddle and it worked like a bomb! This was still the stage when she was quite still in her bed so I just popped a blanket over her when we needed extra warmth.

Lightweight/summer sleep sacks:

We have just come out of the hottest summer on record here and this sleeping bag was a lifesaver; it’s so soft and light weight! I would put Willow in shorty pajamas (and on very hot nights no pajamas at all!) and zipped her up in this and we were golden. Some nights I didn’t zip it all the way closed so she could kick her legs out but at least her back was covered (we were running a fan. It was hot!). This one is a win!

Aden and Anais Bamboo Sleep Sack

Aden and Anais Bamboo Sleep Sack

Perlim Pinpin Muslin Sleep Sack

Perlim Pinpin Muslin Sleep Sack

For those looking for something a little heavier this I highly recommend the Perlim Pinpin Muslin Sleeping Bag. This one is also soft and comfy, but double layered so it works well for more temperate conditions. Willow also slept well in this one and I found it much easier to zip up than the Aiden and Anais one. We got ours from Kids Emporim at Nicolway (I can’t find it online 😦 )

Grobaby Summer Sleep Sac

Grobaby Summer Sleep Sac

It can be a struggle to find sleep sacks from 18 to 36 months. I’ve just bought a summer bag for Willow from Grobaby which I think will work like a bomb.

Heavier/ winter sleeping sacks:

The winter sleeping bags we have for Willow are from Grobaby and Perlim Pinpin. As I mentioned, it can be a struggle to find in 18 to 36 months, but these to brands are really nice and big and will last for the two winters.

The first one we got is the GroBaby Winter Sleeping bag . It is incredibly soft and comfy and keeps her really warm at night. I dress her in light long sleeve pajamas at night before putting her in the sleeping bag. She has the freedom to move around at night but stays snug. I really like this one. We’ll see if she learns how to jail break it though…

Grobaby Grosack in Winter 2.5tog

Grobaby Grosack in Winter 2.5tog


Perlim Pinpin Bamboo Winter Sleep Sack

The other winter bag she has is from Perlim Pinpin. I found this at Kids Emporium, but am struggling to find an online link for it. I got a very gender neutral one (mostly because what they had in stock wasn’t great) it is white with grey owls on it. This is the softest most luxurious sleeping bag ever. It feels more lightweight than the Grobaby one, but I find it keeps her just as warm, if not warmer. The size is also good – there is plenty of room and she can grow a lot still before she fills it. We had one of these when Willow was little and it was my favourite so I was very excited to find it again.

We also bought  one from Cotton On last year and I loved it. These aren’t as soft as the GroBaby or Perlim Pinpin ones, but they do get softer with use. I find this wash up really well. Although the size is also 18 to 36 months quite small; this will not last to 36 months! It also has little poppers on the bottom which means you can adjust the length.


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