Doing: Sitting at my desk, drinking tea and listening to Ed Shereen’s Bloodstream (love this song!)

Wearing: Black skinny jeans, a grey graphic knit and black biker boots

TV show I’m obsessed with: besides my ever-present Law and Order: SVU addiction I’ve really been enjoying the Librarians. PS. It’s not as boring as it sounds. Also does watching Youtube videos count in this section?

Book I’m Reading: Stephanie Laurens The Lady’s Command. Its an easy read – which is good as I haven’t had much time to read lately.

Can’t stop: rearranging my house! Seriously, I have repacked cupboards, rearranged the book shelves, packed and repacked Willow’s toys, I’m on a decluttering mission!

Daydreaming about: What I want to spend my Click’s cashback rewards on.

Currently craving: A huge, juicy, cheese burger and a coke 😉

Current beverage obsession: I am addicted to Hazlenut Coffee! Seriously, it’s a problem!

Makeup I’m loving: I have been obsessed with pretty skin and low-key eyes at the moment. To achieve this I love Clarins Pretty Day Palette and Catrice Matte Blush in La-la-lavender.

Makeup disappointment: Don’t buy the Catrice Treasure Trove Eyeshadow Palette. It looks beautiful and had so much promise. But I found that many of the shadows were patchy, difficult to blend and lacked pigmentation. I was so sad.


Small thrills:

I have nearly finished a serum and I get a little thrill every night to see if this is it. I love being able to throw things away!

Willow is babbling up a storm at the moment and her vocabulary is steadily growing. A lot of the time I have no clue what she’s saying, but more and more I am getting used to her little language. It’s amazing to watch and listen to. I’ve decided she sounds like a baby Minion.

The best is that when I pick her up from school she shouts Ha-o! Ha-O! and runs towards me. And when someone says ‘Love You’ she starts blowing kisses!

June To Do:

This June I’m on the hunt for organisational items – drawer dividers, a shelf divider and shelf raisers to be specific.

H&M has a buy 1 get 1 free promotion on knitwear. I may have to take advantage of that. Also, I have a 15% off voucher.

I’m desperate to get moving on the Built-In Cupboard situation. Need to get A motivated.

I have decided that I will take Willow to the park a few days a week. She loves getting out of the house and it’s really fun to watch her try her hand at the jungle gyms and run around.

This month we are bringing back Date Night! I’m so excited I could pop.



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