Jozi Cares: Discovery and experience

With Willow fast approaching the 18 month mark, A and I have decided that it’s time to start focusing on our relationship with each other.

We both love spending time together as a family, but sometimes Mommy and Daddy need a little time out of the house doing adult things.

Anyway, this is not an easy task for us. The biggest problem is that our families live quite far away. There is no quick visit from Granny so we can go out.

I have had a lot of offers from friends for babysitting, and we have taken those offers up on occasion. But I feel guilty about it and don’t like asking for it. In my mind, it feels off. Like I’m saying: “please look after my kid so I can go out and have fun without you…”

A and I have both had time out of the house, but it normally ends up being solo trips while the other stays home with Willow. Which is perfectly fine, but on occasion we would like to go out together and not just for anniversaries and birthdays.

I have done a lot of searching online but everywhere I looked it seemed that no one offered clear cut babysitting services.

Then, one day while picking up Willow from school it seems my prayers were answered! I saw a branded car in the parking lot: Cool Carers – au pairs, nannies, drivers, baby sitters. Hold up baby sitters? Yes! I emailed immediately.

I was contacted by the staff and asked to fill out a registration form so that they knew exactly what I was looking for. I then got a call back from Shaun to chat about exactly what I wanted. He then started gathering CVs for me of available candidates so I could set up interviews. So far: excellent customer service.

After looking up more about them online this is what I’ve found out: Cool Carers falls under the Jozi Cares Company based in Johannesburg, which places child-minders with families based on their needs. They cater for everything from permanent positions to temporary and ad hoc positions. All their carers are thoroughly screened and carefully selected for each family.

I was sent the CVs to review and then let Shaun know who I wanted to interview. The interviews were set up at my convenience.

We were looking for someone to look after Willow for one evening a week or once evening every two weeks. All the candidates are au pairs and have child caring experience, first aid qualifications and more depending on your needs.

All the girls we interview were lovely and Willow responded well to them. It was a very hard decision but I was finally able to pick someone who suited our needs and was able to work within our time frame.

We are all set to start on June 7 and I am very excited to have a once weekly night of adult time to look forward to!

The service was great and I highly recommend it to anyone who is in the same boat as us.



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