A day in the life: Part time working mom and 17 month old toddler

I’m really nosy by nature and I love reading posts and watching videos like this. So today I thought I would walk you through what a typical day in our life looks like.

6am: alarm goes off; I ignore it *it proceeds to go off every few minutes. I always have good intentions of getting up early, but especially this time of the year I hardly ever get it right…*

6.45am: finally get out of bed. Quickly wash face, moisturise, start making lemon water, breakfast, feed the cats and water the plants.

7am: Start getting ready for the day. Normally this means getting my makeup done, but on Monday and Thursday mornings, I also try and do something with my hair to set me up for the next few days (I wash my hair on Sunday and Wednesday nights).

7.30am: Get Willow up and ready for the day. Some days she’s waiting for me, some days I have to wake her up. I’m lucky that she doesn’t like to eat as soon as she wakes up and is fed breakfast at school so that takes some of the pressure off.

7.50am: Leave the house and get Willow to school. A normally leaves at the same time but sometimes he will leave before us.

8am: Drop Willow at school and head to work.

My days at work and Willow’s days at school vary. I try and fit in as much as I can at work so that I have the afternoon to run errands, workout, play with Willow, be lazy etc.

12.30pm: start wrapping up what I’m doing. I like to leave work a little before 1pm so I’m not late picking Willow up from school. I generally leave work between 12.50 and 1pm

Between 1.15 and 1.30pm: Pick Willow up from school. If I need to drop off the recycling, fill the car up with fuel or do a quick grocery run I do it now.

1.30pm: If Willow didn’t sleep at school I put her down now. She normally sleeps for about 2 hours. This is then when I need to do any work that I didn’t get done earlier or squeeze in a workout. I also like to change out of my work clothes and take my makeup off as soon as possible.

3.30pm: Willow up from nap. On Mondays and Thursdays, we have swimming lessons so its back in the car and off we go. On non-swimming days, I try and get her outside for some play. So we head to the park where she can explore and play.

4.30pm: Get home from swimming or the park. She has a small snack and a drink then we go upstairs to play or watch a cartoon.

5pm: Start getting dinner ready. I like to have meals prepped as much as possible. So then all it takes if preparing veggies or salad etc. Sometimes I fall short and have to prepare food from scratch. A also gets home this time which helps take some of the pressure off. 5.30 and 6pm al

Between 5.30 and 6pm: Eat dinner. I try and make dinner as close to 6 as possible, but we eat together as a family and a hungry little girl tends to decide when we eat.

Between 6pm and 6.30: Bath time!  Willow loves her bath and will play for ages with her toys. This is also when we do nail trimming, tooth brushing etc. A takes her to bath while I tidy up the kitchen. Then I make her bottle and get her things ready for bed and join them in the bathroom.

6.50pm: This time varies, but she’s usually in the bath for about 20 minutes. The we get her ready for bed. I use an oil on her in the winter, she gets any meds she needs and we dress her in PJs. She then gets a short play session or to say goodnight to everyone. This is normally anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on how tired she is.

7pm: Bed time. A and I alternate putting her to bed. So one will say goodnight and the other will give her the bottle, read a story and tuck her in.

7pm to 10pm: Adult time. A and I usually watch a show then I will take a shower or bath and get ready for the next morning. I like to have Willow’s milk for school ready and waiting in the fridge and the makings of breakfast set out so I have less thinking to do in the morning.


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