Friday Favs: May 27

Winter in my garden is looking beautiful at the moment. These pansies are amazing!

Winter in my garden is looking beautiful at the moment. These pansies are amazing!

Well, here we are at the end of another month and the mid-point of the year! This year has really been flying past for me.

These are just about to open!

These are just about to open!

Winter seems to have really kicked off now. Nights and mornings are really cold and we’ve got some cool days forecasted. Although let’s be real. Winter in SA is like European summer (except for the dryness.) We average around 19 degrees here. So we’re really blessed. Still in comparison to our summer temps this is glacial! I would not survive winter overseas.

In some fun news, we spent over 51 hours without power this week. A substation apparently caught fire and the emergency team were unable to restore power until after lunch on Tuesday!

As I mentioned it’s gotten pretty chilly here at night and poor Willow really struggled to sleep because she was cold. Normally I run a heater in her room at very low temperature, but just enough to make her room comfortable. We tried everything from extra blankets to bringing her into out bed (huge fail) to sleeping in her bed (semi-successful. But nothing really worked. Eventually, she fell asleep at around 2am. But I still had a lot of walking up and down to put her blanket back on.

Love this girl!

Love this girl!

Needless to say, we subsisted off a lot of take-out while we were without power. When I was finally able to cook again I had to get creative as we had a lot of food in the fridge that was now on the way out.

I decided on what I’m calling ‘green soup’, which is basically a concoction of all the veggies in the fridge. Never before has my creative cooking been so well received. Willow asked for seconds! I think she was just so grateful to see vegetables.

Helping me in the garden

Helping me in the garden

Here’s hoping that we continue to have power for the foreseeable future! Have a great weekend all!


Products of the week: Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in Plum Shimmer 08. As mentioned it’s been incredibly dry. My lips always suffer in winter and I feel like having braces is making it worse. This stuff has been my saviour. It’s hydrating and treats the lips to make them smooth and plump. It also gives a great sheer wash of colour that is very pretty and season-appropriate. I love it.


Purchase of the week: This utterly adorable shirt dress for Willow from Cotton On. I simply could not resist. I also picked up this gorgeous navy and white plaid shirt from Mr Price.

Project of the week: I made an awesome arm knitting infinity scarf, but I gave it to my friend. I plan to make more – so simple and quick to make up!

TV show of the week: This week we said goodbye to Castle. I love that show, but I do agree it was time to wrap things up. A and I caught up and the last episodes over the weekend.

Best moment: Willow shouting Ha-o! Ha-O when I picked her up from school on Thursday

Looking forward to: I have a coffee date with an old friend on Saturday morning and on Sunday I might be going to a bridal fair with other friends. Also, A says we can go investigate built-in cupboards on Saturday!

More swings!

More swings!

Entertaining a toddler when there's no power. It was baout 22 degrees outside and she was standing int he sun. very warm!

Entertaining a toddler when there’s no power. It was baout 22 degrees outside and she was standing int he sun. very warm!

Outfits of the week:



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