Friday Faves: May 20


Well, hello there Friday post! I haven’t put one of these up for a while (I had it all written up then forgot to post it last week!).

Our week this week has been a quiet one- just the way I like them! For the moment everyone in the family is healthy and happy (again, just the way I like them).

We had a quiet weekend in. It was bitterly cold and rained from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. I did have plans but they fell through at the last minute. A was nice enough to let me out for a solo shopping trip, which was lovely. I didn’t buy much, but I got myself a little spoil which I am in alt over. I also picked up a few goodies for Miss Willow because little girl clothes are so stinking cute I just couldn’t resist!


I am busy getting my ducks in a row for her winter capsule and noticed that she had no tracksuit pants in the next size up so I had to remedy that. That girl has such long legs she outgrowing her 12 – 18 month pants. I’m going to have to move her up sooner than expected.

This week I got my braces tightened and that has made my front teeth tender again. I have a full post which went up on Wednesday is you are interested. So the sore teeth have thrown me off my game a bit.

I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!


Products of the week: Kair Hot Oil Hair Treatment – my hair has felt incredibly dry and knotty lately. I applied this on Sunday and it has completely revived my hair! It now feels so soft and in incredibly shiny. This stuff is amazing!


Purchase of the week: These little tees for Willow. I bought them in her current size because I want her to be able to wear them now. They are everything! Also this little pot of prettiness – Clarins Ombre Iridescente in Silver Pink.

Project of the week: I haven’t done much of anything lately except lay around on the couch. But I have started a cute jersey for Willow that I’m calling her ice cream jersey. It’s going to be adorable

TV show of the week: I just discovered Dancing with the Stars is back on! How did I miss this? Hooked.

Best moment: A perfect, lazy Sunday spent with my people. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Looking forward to:We’re seeing our friends this weekend after we’ve all been hit by some illness or another. I’m also excited for some lazy family time and maybe a bit of exploring.

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