Adventures in Adult Braces: First tightening and check up


I have had my braces on for about six weeks now. The first (painful) payment has gone through and the time has come for my first check up and tightening.

Overall, it hasn’t been too bad of an experience so far. Every now and again I have experienced some sensitivity and pain in my front teeth. What I find truly amazing it that my front teeth, both top and bottom, are already completely straight! The pain I experienced was from them shifting back into place. My mind is blown over how quickly that happened.

The worst part of this whole experience has to be the palatal arch. During the fitment session, the orthodontist told me that it would make circles in my tongue and not to worry because it was normal. What he didn’t say was how much it would hurt my tongue. I find the wires dig in terribly and they have causes little ulcers and rubbing that is very painful, especially in the morning. I’m not sure what I do with my tongue in my sleep, but my tongue is really sore in the mornings.

My midline is still off though, and now that my teeth are straight it is glaringly obvious how far to the left my midline is. The palatal arch seems to be working though as I now have a substantial gap where my back molar has moved. I can fit the tip of my tongue in that gap and find myself fiddling all the time, which must make me look like a crazy person.

The appointment went well overall. The Dr is very happy with the progress I’ve made so far. He wants to move that back tooth even more so they have fitted a spring between the two teeth. This will help push the tooth back even further.

I now also have to wear an elastic that hooks on the top and bottom brackets to help pull the teeth along. This and the spring are working together to correct my midline.

I didn’t ask as I didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment, but I’m hoping that if the progress if this good so quickly and the arch is due to come out in November then maybe I won’t have to wear the braces for the full 18months. As I said, I don’t want to get too excited about this prospect, but I have two weddings coming up, which I will be part of the bridal party, and I hope the braces will be gone by then! I’m also really happy that it looks like we won’t need to do the extraction!

The pain after the tightening is not too bad. Currently I’m at a 2 out of 10. So overall I’m happy with the progress.


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