Weekly Meal Prep May 16 to 21

Chewy almond protein bars and a huge cup of tea!

Chewy almond protein bars and a huge cup of tea!

Today I wanted to give you a look at what we have got on the menu for this week. I love meal prepping because it keeps us eating healthy all week long, reduces wastage and helps me cook more creatively. It also saves time during the week.

This week I did some prep, but not a whole lot of cooking as the meals I have planned are all pretty easy and quick. I hope you find some recipes to try here!

Breakfast: Chewy Almond Breakfast Bars

These are delicious and really filling. One or two is the perfect serving size. The recipe makes enough for the whole week.


Sunday: Lentil Soup

This soup is delicious! We puree it with an emersion blender and add some diced bacon. It made enough for another meal in the week or for lunches! Check out the Domestic Geek’s recipes. I always have great success with them.

Monday: Baked Herbed Trout with veggies

I found these trout fillets in my freezer and took them out. While I didn’t do anything to prep them (They cook really quickly) we will be baking them with plenty of butter and herbs. I will serve these with some steamed vegetables.

Tuesday: Bolognaise

Another freezer meal (I’m trying to empty my freezer!). I find pre-prepared food in the freezer is a weekday life saver. I have an orthodontist appointment so I want something soft and easy for dinner.

Wednesday: Chicken Stuffed Baked Sweet Potato with Broccoli and Cheese

I have a cooked chicken breast in the fridge which I will use to modify this recipe a bit. Broccoli, cheese and chicken are always a winner in our house!


Thursday: Pork Chops with Zucchini Crisps

We will cook these simply with butter and serve with whole grain mustard. Pork chops are very quick and easy to cook. For the Zucchini simply cut into rounds and lay on a baking tray. Drizzle with olive oil. Put into a 200C oven for 10 min. Take out and sprinkle with parmesan cheese. And put back in the oven until crisp.

Friday: Leftover night!

This is always a nice lazy option in our house. Whatever is in the fridge gets put on the table and you can help yourself. In the rare even that there are no leftovers we may be naughty and get take out.


I have boiled eggs in the fridge at all times. I boil them, shell them and keep them in an airtight container ready for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

I came across this tomato relish recipe when looking for a way to cook fillet and it is amazing! It’s the perfect topping on anything and the longer it sits in its own juices the more delicious it gets. I like keeping this for lunches.





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