Sick mommies and other weekend shenanigans       

Firstly, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there; I hope that you enjoyed a great day with your families.

Shenanigan is huge overstatement. I came down with a sickness, following Miss Willow’s recent bout of strep throat. This is not unusual. I usually get whatever she gets and vice versa. I am also usually able to power through it. This time was different.

I was feeling completely run down after the long weekend and tending to Willow’s fever. A couple of nights in a row of bad sleep had left me tired and my immune system vulnerable. On Tuesday I started feeling fluish. On Wednesday my voice had given out and I was feeling awful.

I woke up on Thursday feeling very rough. I had a headache, sore throat, achy body and was feeling weirdly dizzy, light headed and nauseous when on my feet. I decided it was best for everyone if I went to the doctor. So I called in sick at work and went to see my physician.

After examining me she diagnosed me with a bacterial throat infection and a viral inner ear infection which was giving me vertigo. I was booked off work for the rest of the week and sent home to sleep.

I managed to survive Thursday well enough, but Friday was a nightmare! If I sat up the dizziness and nausea was so bad I was running for the bathroom in seconds. On Thursday the vertigo symptoms calmed down if I was lying down, but on Friday there was no relief. I felt like I was drunk and sea sick at the same time. My bed kept tossing, the room kept spinning. I never want to feel that way again!

I haven’t been so sick that I have had to spend four full days in bed for a long time! A was an absolute saint and took on all the parental duties and most of the household duties. The rest we just let slide. Poor Willow was confused as to why I wasn’t my normal self, but she bonded really well with her dad. To such an extent that she has become very clingy with A and doesn’t like him being out of her sight for too long.

I’m not feeling 100% myself yet, but I am grateful to be out of bed and grateful that the dizziness is pretty much almost gone. Don’t get vertigo. Trust me it’s horrible.


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