When sickness strikes…again

Cuddles in bed watching cartoons with dad

Cuddles in bed watching cartoons with dad

Poor, poor Willow Bug. The littlest member of our family has caught a very nasty strep throat and has been the epitome of miserable this weekend.

She started coughing a bit last week, but it didn’t seem too bad so I didn’t panic. Then on Friday afternoon, she developed a fever and went off her food. We treated the fever as we usually do and it seemed to be responding. But all through the weekend her temperature kept bouncing right back up.

She really struggled to sleep over the weekend. We had a pretty much sleepless night on Saturday night. I was up every hour to try and settle her down, get her to stop crying, give her more fever meds etc. While Sundaynight was a bit better I was still up and down all night. I ended up in her bed more than a few times – a wonderful bonding experience, but not very comfortable on the ole back…

By the time yesterday rolled around I had had enough. It was a long weekend here and the only doctor to be found was at the emergency room. So we packed her up and off we went. Luckily we didn’t have too long a wait until we were seen by a sister. When she took Willow’s temp it was 39.1!

We were promptly seen by a doctor who was very no nonsense, thorough and quick. When he tried to examine her throat she snapped her mouth shut so fast she broke the spatula thing that doctor’s use. But the Doctor still managed to get a quick look at her tonsils and throat which is very infected.

She was prescribed a round of antibiotics and painkillers and we were sent on our way. She seems to be responding which makes me happy, but she is still picky about what she eats (and no wonder!).

The worst part is seeing her so miserable and listening to her cry. She doesn’t know why her throat hurts so much and it’s heartbreaking. Having a sick child is the worst!


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