Outdoor adventures: Ristretto

Willow loved the swings at Ristretto

Willow loved the swings at Ristretto

On Saturday, I decided to start my mission to get out and find child-friendly places where Willow can get outside and play.

So after her nap, we decided to go out and find something to eat. We needed to be close to the Sandton CBD, as A had managed to leave his wallet in an Uber car the night before and had arranged with the driver to get it back.

With that in mind, we decided to try out a restaurant we had often driven passed, but had never gone to. It’s called Ristretto and is on Rivonia Road.

I liked it from the moment we arrived. There were two playgrounds – a large one for the bigger kids and a smaller one for the littles – this immediately made me feel happy. All too often there is just one playground and toddlers get swamped and overwhelmed by the bigger kids.

Another big plus was that there were child-minders in the playground as well. We were with Willow when she was playing (she kept coming to call us and wanted us to play with her and out table was set a little further back from the edge of the playground). It is comforting to know that as she gets older and is more comfortable playing on her own that there will be people there to keep an eye on her.

She loved the swings and kept going back there. She was also a big fan of the slide, although it seemed she was more interested in climbing up and down the stairs. She also enjoyed the little crawling tunnel and hid inside it a lot.

A view for the small playground with Miss Willow hiding in the crawling tunnel

A view for the small playground with Miss Willow hiding in the crawling tunnel

The restaurant also has a section in the back where the kids can make their own pizzas which looks like a lot of fun.

For mom and dad, the food was delicious and very fairly priced. They had a really nice baby chair as well, which kept Willow nice and secure while she ate her food. The restaurant is loud and busy, but that is another thing I like. Everyone had kids and we didn’t feel like we had to make Willow be on her best behaviour. She was able to enjoy herself while we enjoyed ourselves.

I definitely think we’ll be back. It was a really fun afternoon out. Willow had a huge smile on her face most of the time, which is a big plus in my book.


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