Outdoor adventures – The hunt is on

Now that Willow is walking around I try to make a point to get her out of the house and to a place where she can run around and play.

The one thing about our house that I feel bad about is the lack of outdoor space for Willow so I always try and look for a place that offers a lot of physical activity. She needs to get all the energy out. So we have been travelling around the city looking for fun, toddler-friendly activities.

I’m looking for places that we can revisit later and will still offer fun as she gets older. I need some place safe, clean and if there are child-minders then that makes it even better. I also want a place where A and I can have fun as well as Willow.

I have a list I am working off and every weekend I plan to go to at least one of these places. I got the idea when I saw how much fun she had at the Honeydew Mazes.

The problem with Joburg is its lot bigger than people think it is. As a result, kid’s activity areas are quite spread out. Another problem I found is that even though there are a lot of places with kid’s areas they don’t always cater for toddlers – so you need to keep a close eye out otherwise the bigger kids will overpower the littles.

So far I think I have a good resource of places to try out. I will give feedback on each one after we’ve been.

Hopefully, this will give other Joburg moms ideas on where to take their toddlers and kids for a fun excursion.


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