Friday Favs: April 22

Willow always hams it up when she spots the camera

Willow always hams it up when she spots the camera

We had a great weekend at home last week. It was super chilled and just what the doctor ordered.

We kicked things off with respective girls’ and boys’ nights. A went out with his mates to see a band in Pretoria while I stayed home with my BFF. We ate food, drank champagne, watched trashy TV and started planning her wedding. It was awesome.

She took a tumble at school on Friday and scraped her nose

She took a tumble at school on Friday and scraped her nose

On Saturday A and I took Willow out to a nearby restaurant which has an awesome playground. She really enjoyed playing in the sunshine, swinging and hiding in the little hidey holes. I have a full post on it coming soon.

Sunday was so super chilled. Willow took an epic nap and I got to go do a bit of shopping. She then happily entertained herself with her toys all afternoon. She is such fun at the moment and watching her play is such a joy.


This week has been quite quiet with nothing out of the ordinary to report. A and I have finally started looking into getting more storage installed in our living room area. We’re being overrun by toys and really need to find a solution we are both happy with. I think we’ve found it. Now the quote gathering and research phase begins.

This weekend we’re headed to see my folks. I’m taking my giant bunnies project so my mom can help me finish it. I also plan to start a new jersey if I have the chance. Otherwise, we’ll be hanging out and enjoying the time together.

Products of the week:


Purchase of the week: The Baby Pics App. I came across this n Instagram on day (yes, I was suckered into an Instagram Ads purchase) but it’s been such a good buy! It allows you to add all those cool graphics and text to your Instagram pics. Perfect for those who are expecting, have new babies or kids in general. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it and Willow is out of the baby stage. I bought the full app with all the extra features and it was definitely the best choice.

Project of the week: I arm-knitted a giant bunny for Willow! I have quite a bit of wool left over so I’m going to make more. They’re really cool!

TV show of the week: I’m still on a One Tree Hill Kick, although A and I caught up on Brooklyn 99 this week and the episodes were hilarious!

Best moment: watching Willow enjoy herself so much at the playgroundd and the huge smile on her face while she played with the other kids

Looking forward to: Heading to my folks’ place and spending time there. Also, next week is a short week due to a public holiday on Wednesday!


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