Knitting project: Ribbed baby jacket

This was quite a challenge to get off the ground.

I saw the pattern online and loved it. I had beautiful, flecked wool that would look gorgeous made up in the fabric of this jersey. So I was excited to get going.

The jersey is knitted in one piece with the ribbed edging added later. I got off to a good start, but then put the project done and didn’t pick it up for a while.

When I did pick it up again I had completely lost my place (Note to self: buy a blasted row counter!). When I tried counting the rows it didn’t make any sense. Out of sheer frustration I just put it down again.

A few days later I picked it up with renewed determination. I was going to finish this thing damn it!

I worked hard at figuring out where I had gone wrong and got to knitting again. I will admit that the going was quite tedious. As it’s worked in stocking stitch and all in one piece it was a huge piece of boring knitting; row after row of the same thing. I was very glad to be done with it and moving onto more intricate work.

Once I got to the intricate work it was a lot of casting on, knitting in stocking stitch for a long section, casting off, knitting more stocking stitch. I started getting worried. This looked like a jersey for an octopus! But I have learned to trust the pattern and just keep going.

A quick check in with my mom resulted in me figuring out how the jersey actually worked and how I was to put it together and finish it.

I really enjoyed making the ribbed edging. And I was right about how pretty the fabric looked. The flecked wool gives a lovely effect.

The final product looks very pretty. I just have to go buy a button to add the finishing touch – the jersey closes with a press stud with an accent on the outside.

So final thoughts on this pattern: It’s an easy knit with some challenging work, but not enough for me not to find it quite boring. That said, this is perfect for a beginner and the result is lovely.



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