Weekend recap April 1 to 3


How I feel after the weekend!

How I feel after the weekend!  

This weekend was crazy busy! I never knew you could fit so much into one weekend. I’m still struggling a little to bounce back from it.

Even though I still had work on Friday, my weekend started on Thursday when my sister arrived from Cape Town. She and her boyfriend were visiting SA from Hong Kong and spent the first part of their holiday in the Cape before coming up country to spend time with us and my parents.

We all got together for introductions (this is the first time we were formally introduced to her boyfriend), and dinner at our place on Thursday evening. It was a loud, talkative affair with good food and a bit (lot) of wine.

Post match crowds

On Friday A and I went to work and Willow went to school while the others went on a tour of Joburg. We got together in the evening again for a rugby match at Ellis Park Stadium. A kindly offered to stay with Willow while I went out with my family. It was the first time I’ve been out without her on my own. Although it felt very weird, it was also lovely to be with my family. The vibe at the stadium was awesome. Our team lost, but we hardly noticed because we were so busy laughing and having a good time.

With my sister

We spent Saturday at the Honeydew Mazes. It was a lot more fun than I expected. As you try find your way out of the maze you are also looking for clues in a treasure hunt. You can’t exit the maze without finding all the clues. When we finished the maze we sat in the picnic area and ate ice creams in the shade. It was lovely.

Willow had no problem figuring this challenge out

Willow had no problem figuring this challenge out

K and D had an early flight back to Hong Kong on Sunday so we had breakfast with them at their guest house to say goodbye. Then my mom and I headed to a fabric shop I had heard about to get some things so I could make some new sheets for Willow.

Willow is a big fan of whipped cream

Willow is a big fan of whipped cream

While in the store I found out my best friend had gotten engaged! I was so happy I was dancing in the aisles and all the customers thought I was nuts. I instantly invited them over for dinner and champagne.

My mom and I then popped past the nursery to pick up a few things there before heading home. We had a rushed afternoon of gardening as we wanted to get everything done before getting dinner ready.

The evening was then spent with more laughter and chatting, lots of champagne and admiring a very beautiful ring.


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