Friday Favs; April 1


Life with a toddler means blurry photos and a full heart

Life with a toddler means blurry photos and a full heart

Things started off slowly after the long weekend. Then in the early hours of Wednesday morning, we were woken by the pathetic cries of a lost cat. I knew the instant I heard it that it was Foxtrot. But we had no idea where she was.

Eventually, we tracked her down to the downstairs neighbour’s yard. We’ve had issues before with this neighbour and our cats. So I wanted to liberate her as quickly as possible.

The rules in our complex state that the outside gates to the garden units be left open to allow the garden service access. Usually, when the one of the cats ends up downstairs (not often but it does happen) then I sneak down, grab the cat and sneak back up with no one being any the wiser.

I tried this method at 4am only to find a giant freaking padlock on the gate. Fantastic. We didn’t want to wake anyone, but I could hear that the cat was stressed out. Why she didn’t just jump up onto the wall I will never know. We tried to call her, but that only made her mewl louder.

I could hear our neighbour shouting at her to shut up and go away. So we figured we would try knocking and getting him to allow us to retrieve our cat (A was with me at this point). But the man never came to the door, despite repeated knocking.

I wanted to get a ladder and climb over the wall, but A wouldn’t allow me. After an hour of trying to get our cat back, we decided to go back to bed and try again when it got light. At this point, Foxtrot had stopped mewling.

Then at 5.45, I heard clanging at our front door. We have a security gate that we have partially screened off so that Willow can’t climb it and the cats can’t escape. When it’s warm we usually leave the front door open and the security door locked so that we can get a breeze in the house.

The neighbour had decided to shove Foxtrot through the security gate. She’s not hurt, just a little stressed and is currently hiding in the spare room. What really upsets me though is that this man knew who she belonged to the whole time and it all would have been solved quickly if A.) he didn’t padlock the gate and B.) opened the door when we knocked!

To top it all off we got a complaint yesterday from the estate manager that there had been a complaint about our cat and could we please make sure to keep her locked in at night!

Aside from our catastrophe, the week was quite quiet. My sister and her boyfriend arrived from Hong Kong yesterday for a visit and my mom and dad have also come down for the weekend.  We had a lovely evening chatting and catching up last night.

We also have a jam-packed weekend ahead of us, starting with a live rugby match tonight. I’m really looking forward to some great family time.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Products of the week: Brother Label Maker – Why have I never bought a label maker before? I have literally labelled everything in the house. Best. Thing. Ever!


Purchase of the week: I bought Willow some proper pajamas last weekend. She has always slept in zip-up onsies, but while in Cotton On Kids I could help myself and bout her two pairs of traditional jaarmies plus the cutest little dressing gown. They are literally the cutest things!

Project of the week: I haven’t finished the baby jacket yet, but I’m so close! I’ve gotten past the boring bit and my enthusiasm has been reignited. I’m really enjoying this project.

TV show of the week: I finally watched Draft Day. I love sports movies and I have been meaning to watch this one for almost a year I think… (wow time flies!). Anyway, I finally watched it and as predicted I really enjoyed it.

Best moment: Willow blowing me kisses when I put her to bed over the weekend. How is she getting so big so fast? I said good night and kissed her on the forehead and as I was leaving the room she started blowing kisses. Heart eye emoji!

Looking forward to: Spending the weekend with my sister and parents.


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