H&M Close the Loop

As you know I recently did a massive closet purge and I cornered my husband and forced convinced him to go through his wardrobe as well.

Between the two of us we amassed a lot of clothing that we just don’t wear, is damaged or no longer fits. I gave the woman who helps me out during the week first choice at the wearable clothes, but I was still left with quite a bit that wasn’t in great condition anymore (especially A’s stuff. Men really do wear clothes until they fall apart).

I did my usual tactic – piled it in a bag and hid t in the guestroom – while I decided what to do with it. I hated the idea of just throwing them away.

The while browsing Facebook I came across an advert for H&M’s Close the Loop campaign. This is a worldwide campaign where you can take old clothes to the store and they give you a voucher towards your next purchase.

H&M makes new fabrics from old clothing, which they use to create new clothes as part of their Conscious range. Unlike other brands they accept clothing from any brand, not just their own. I loved the idea so when next I had the chance I loaded two bags of clothes into the car and headed off to H&M.

The process was so quick, the cashier took the bags, handed me two vouchers for 15% off each and I was on my way again. The vouchers do expire, but the campaign is on indefinitely and I shop at H&M all the time, both for myself and Willow.

If you haven’t explored Close the Loop, or are planning a big wardrobe purge I highly recommend it!


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