Easter Weekend in Review

Wow, what a weekend! We didn’t do anything particularly exciting, but it was busy none the less.


On Friday, we headed off to Sandton City. We wanted to get some shopping done early in the morning before it got crowded. We ended up wondering around the mall, we bought chocolates from the enormous Geldorf Easter display. They had a 13kg egg! I totally should have taken a picture, but I forgot. I popped into H&M and then we got a sneaky take out for lunch.

By the time we got home Willow was exhausted and needed a nap. That meant A and I got a huge chunk of time on the couch watching movies and eating the chocolate we bought.

Willow attacking the bacon at breakfast.

Willow attacking the bacon at breakfast.

On Saturday, we went out for brunch as a family. We didn’t go anywhere fancy – just the Spur – but we went to the ones at Brightwater Commons and it turned out to be a brilliant morning.

Willow loved the Spur (it must be a kid thing; I remember loving the Spur as a kid). She got a balloon, and crayons and a picture to colour in and she was over the moon. We ordered her a kiddies breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon (it was actually a huge breakfast and she hat over half of it!). She also decided she loved mushrooms and ate all of her dad’s.

The jumping castle at Spur was a huge hit

The jumping castle at Spur was a huge hit

She was so much fun. She laughed and chatted. It was lovely. After breakfast, I let her jump on the jumping castle which was another huge hit. She didn’t want to get off!

She crashed hard again when we got home and during her nap, I tackled the huge organisation project we had at home. A and I unpacked and repacked the cupboard under the stairs. We also reorganised all the cleaning products, shelves in the kitchen and pots and pan. A also installed a lock on the cupboard door for me. We threw out so much crap!

I was inspired after that and I reorganised Willow’s toys, the spare room cupboards, my cupboards and Willow’s cupboards. We have just a last little bit of tidying to do but I’m so happy with how it all looks and so proud of us!

Its tough organising with a toddler. I had to repack the boxes at least twice as Willow was unpacking them behind me. She also decided to run into the security door and split her lip open, which brought everything to a halt for a while.

After that, the weekend was really quite. I felt really ill on Sunday and we just spent the day at home. Then Monday I went on a girls’ shopping trip with a close friend and Willow. I also managed to get some knitting done in amongst all this!

Life with a toddler means blurry photos and a full heart

Life with a toddler means blurry photos and a full heart

It was such a great weekend!


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