Making an Easter Hat


Willow had an Easter Hat Parade and Egg Hunt as part of the festivities for the last day of school on Friday.

The kids were encouraged to make hats (with their parents help, of course) that they modelled for the other students. Being that Willow is so little I took on the majority of the responsibility for the hat making.

We had received a delivery that came in a large box a week or so ago and I had the box hanging around the house (this is why I never throw things away!). So I used that and this tutorial to create a little boater hat for Willow to wear. *In the spirit of full disclosure – my first attempt was horrid and A then took over and did the actual hat construction. All I really did was decorate it.

I popped out to the local PNA to get some ribbon and some glue, but the rest of what I used – crepe paper, craft paint, bamboo skewers and sparkly pipe cleaner – was already lying around the house.


I painted the hat green because I already had that and the crepe paper I had was yellow and white. It took three coats to get nice and opaque, but the paint dried very quickly.


I found a nice ribbon that coordinated nicely with the green and yellow. I added that around the base of the hat and then glued on the flowers I made out of the crepe paper (left over from Willow’s birthday). For the flowers I looked up a bunch of different tutorials and then went with my gut. I cut templates out of stiff paper I had at home. In hind sight, next time I make something like this I will use a glue gun and not wet glue. It worked, but I made the paper very wet and mushy.

20160317_144617 20160317_144630 20160317_144645 20160317_155402 20160317_144516

It was a simple design with not many elements to it but I found some of the stuff quite finicky to do and the difficulty was amplified by having a ‘helpful’ toddler running around. That said, I’m really proud of it and happy with how it turned out.


Next year I plan to get a much earlier start!



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