School Report: First term 2016

Before we begin: the pun in the headline! I love it! Small things really amuse me.

Easter barrelling down on us brings along with it the end of term.

At school I loved end of term because it meant it was time for holidays: No school, playing outside, going on vacation, sleeping till noon (those were the days!). As a young adult I loved end of term because it meant for a few blissful weeks traffic in the city will be a breeze. No more school run means less grid lock and sitting in queues at the robot (traffic light). Now I love end of term because it means I get Willow’s report card and art projects

Willow’s school keeps all the art projects until end of term then sends them home in one big batch. They display the works on the walls of the class during term. So I now have all her cute rain clouds and coloured shapes to admire. She was so proud to show them to me yesterday. I gushed (as any mom would) and she had this enormous smile on her face and kept giving me picture after picture! Such a sweet kid.

According to her report she loves art. She enjoys getting messy with the paint and is always the first person at the crafts table. She also loves story time (I could have told the teachers that – that girl is nuts for books and stories). But by far her favourite time of the day is meal time (again I already knew that. Girl can eat!). She was complimented on her lovely table manners and how she always eats all her food. Her teachers also tell me that she has made two special friends and loves to play with them every day (I literally melted into a puddle when they told me that!). We are still having some trouble with naps at school, but overall she is having lots of fun and had settled down beautifully.

Willow won’t be going on holiday now, as there is no at home during the mornings to care for her. Instead she will be joining the holiday program at school. They play a lot more and will have fun activities like dress-up day and more messy play.

I’m so proud of her and how she is handling everything!


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