Adventures in adult braces Phase Three

They say you can’t go back. But they’re wrong.

My braces were fitted this morning and when I looked in the mirror, my face make up free, my skin breaking out, my glasses on and metal in my mouth I swear to you I was looking at my 14-year-old self!

The actual putting them on process wasn’t bad. It took a long time and I had this awesome device in my mouth to keep it open while they cleaned and dried my teeth and applied the blocks. By then end of the hour, my jaw was really aching and I had lost all feeling in my lips.

My appointment was a little longer than the norm as I had to have the palatal arch fitted as well. This device now sits in my hard palate just behind my front teeth. It is cemented to my back teeth and is ‘activated’ by being hooked into two rings around my molars.

It feels so weird! It is basically a round piece of acrylic with two wires that come out the back of it, make two small loops, then hook into the rings on my molars. So not only does it feel weird to have this big hunk of plastic stuck in my mouth I have the wires to deal with too.

It has given me a lisp and eating with it is an experience! I won’t get into it too much as I’m sure you can work out the logistics. Let’s just say that this thing will be so gross when they take it out at the end of the year! Yep, I have eight delightful months ahead of me.

So far the pain has been manageable. That said, I have been too scared to eat anything! I had a smoothie earlier when the hunger pains started getting too much. I have also taken the pain pills. If my memory serves me correctly the pain gets worse and I want to stay on top of this!

So that’s where we are. I’ll update you in a couple of months when I have more to tell.


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