Hello Fall


I was watching Sex and the City last night and in one scene Carrie narrated: ‘…even before the first leaf falls, you can feel the seasons click. The air is crisp, the summer is gone. And for the first night in a long time, you need a blanket on your bed.”

She was speaking about New York of course, but we have felt the seasons click here. The temperatures dropped off suddenly, I saw yellow leaves on the trees this morning (I swear they weren’t there yesterday!) and we’ve got a lot of rain predicted for the next few weeks. Autumn is here.

It always blows my mind how you can feel autumn right around Easter weekend in Johannesburg. No matter when Easter falls in March or April, that’s always the start of the cold weather. It’s truly amazing.

I’m looking forward to the new season. I’m over summer. This summer was hot and stifling, especially towards the end. It seemed to drag on forever!

Now I’m craving boots, jeans and knits. I want to bring the blankets out and snuggle up with my husband and little girl. I want to enjoy the feel of crisp air on my face, wear dark nail polish, drink too many cups of tea and break out the dark lipstick.

I have a short Autumn To-Do List that I’m just itching to get started on:

  1. Rejig the entryway at home – A has already committed to building me a bench and I’m on the hunt for the perfect baskets to help tidy the area up a bit and give it a new look and feel.
  2. I want to make a bunch of new cushion covers for the couch. Nowhere can you just buy cushion covers so I’ve decided to make my own. I love the idea of swapping a couple of items around to create a new feel in a room. I want to experiment with textures a bit so I plan to knit some cushion covers as well.
  3. Speaking of making things for the couch, I want to make a new blanket. I’m going to give arm-knitting a go. I have the wool I just need to carve out the time. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  4. I have a host of things to do in the garden. All the plants need to a good feed and quite a few need repotting. I also need to freshen things up with some new colour and autumn planting. I’m looking forward to teaching Willow about gardening and having her help me (read: play in the mud while I do all the work, but it’s a start).
  5. I have a couple of soup recipes I’m dying to try out as the weather cools down. From butternut to tomato I plan on cooking up big batches that we can eat throughout the week as part of my meal plans.

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