Friday Favs

This week has been a little difficult and kind of a blur due to my need to be on painkillers for the majority of it.

Last week Friday I went in for the first phase of getting my braces fitted. The orthodontist fitted little rubber separators in between my back molars. The one side was so tight that she couldn’t get the rubber band in. Instead she had to fit a copper wire which was then tied off and tucked into the crevice of my molar.

This whole process was pretty uncomfortable and left my teeth very sore. Chewing has been excruciating and I have been shying away from food that requires gnashing my teeth. So I have been living off soup for a week!

The spacers came out on Thursday so we could ‘try-on’ the collars around my back teeth and make the impressions for the braces. Those will be fitted next week and I will have to wear them for the next two years!

Catrice Lily from Piccadilly



Products of the week: Catrice Luxury Nude nail polish in Lily from Piccadilly with Essie Top and base Coat – This is such a pretty, delicate shell pink that has lasted all week on my nails without a single chip. It looks beautiful and glossy. And I feel it gives my short nails a lovely sophisticated look which I love.

Over the knee boots

Outfit details: Boots – MrP, Skirt – H&M, Tshirt – Pick n Pay, Scarf – MrP (old)

Purchase of the week: I bought myself a gorgeous pair of mock suede over-the-knee boots. I have been looking for a pair for ages. I have long legs and these hit me at the knew, but that’s fine they’re still longer than my other pairs of tall boots. I also love the colour – not quite khaki, not grey, not brown but somewhere in between. I bought from MrP and got them in a size up so I could wear them with socks and they’re spot on and very comfortable!

Baby Sophisticate

Project of the week: After finally finishing the jersey I was making for my friends shower I have now started on another jersey for Willow. This is also done on circular needles and is made in one piece pretty much. I’m looking forward to seeing it on her.

TV show of the week: I have been watching Sex and the City…again. I’ve probably watched this whole series five times over. It’s a nice easy show to put on while I’m doing other things like sorting out my wardrobe, tidying the house or knitting.

Worst moment: The braces debacle. Getting that copper wire installed was uncomfortable at best. My mouth was really sore all week and I couldn’t eat real food! Getting the wire removed was just as much fun (#sarcasm). Although now I’m in much less pain. I can’t believe how much discomfort that blasted wire caused! On the plus side, Willow has been incredibly cute this week. She is babbling so much! I’m sure she will be talking our ears off in no time!

This girl makes my life!

This girl makes my life!

Not looking forward to: I hate to be Debbie Downer, but this week has not been fun. I am not looking forward to the braces being put in next week. I’m getting an arch as well so I will be in pain and have a lisp.


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