Adventures in braces phase two

I had my second appointment at the orthodontist today. It was just as fun as the first one. Read that and my back story here.

Today’s appointment was to try-on the collars that will anchor the braces and to make the impressions on which the lab will manufacture my braces.

I have been in quite a bit of pain this past week and eating hasn’t been easy. I thought I was getting used to the discomfort, but I didn’t take my pain pills yesterday and I was very sore by the time lunch time rolled around and felt very nauseated. So lesson learned. Take the pills.

This morning the assistant had to take the rubber spacers and copper wire out before she could do the fitting. She had quite a bit of trouble getting the wire out. It was uncomfortable at best and quite painful at times. I have no idea how the first assistant got that blasted thing in there in the first place but it was jammed in tight! No wonder I was stuggling!

The relief I felt when that thing came out was incredible! I couldn’t believe how much pain that little piece of wire was responsible for!

The assistant then took the impressions and put the spacers back in before sending me on my way. My mouth is still sensitive, but nowhere near as bad as it was before. I have successfully chewed solid food which is a major improvement!

I’m not looking forward to next week. If my memory serves me correctly this part coming next is the really bad part.


2 thoughts on “Adventures in braces phase two

  1. ninasogue says:

    I had braces before too. The worst part for me was the monthly adjustments. If only you could make time faster, but you can’t. If only perfect teeth came that easy. 😂

    • kierrynh says:

      Very true! I wish there was dental magic that they apply and hey presto perfect, white teeth. But alas, no dice. My first monthly appointment is coming up and I’m not looking forward to it, Lol!

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