Teething sucks

My poor husband, both his girls are currently suffering from some kind of tooth pain.

His wife from self-inflicted pain due to getting braces and his daughter just cut two teeth in a week. Needless to say the household is very grumpy right now.

As you know, Willow has teethed incredibly quickly. On the plus side this means we’ll get this whole teething palava over and done with quickly – we have seven more to go to a full set. On the down side, teething just plain sucks and is incredibly hard to watch.

Two Sundays ago Willow cut the last of her first molars. She did it in the car on the way home from visiting my parents. There was blood in her mouth and A LOT of crying. It made the whole journey very uncomfortable for us and I was a wreck when we got home. Nothing is worse than your child being in pain and there is nothing you can do for her. The torture was made worse by the fact that she was trapped in a car for three hours, poor thing.

She cut her first canine this week. Sleep went out the window, she cried at everything all the time, she went off her food. As luck would have it she hit the peak of the teething on school picture day and the teachers tell me that she didn’t get one photo.  The poor girl is having such a tough time. I honestly believe that these are the worst!

The only thing I have been able to do for her is to give her lots of soft cold fruit like watermelon and when the pain gets too much I give her some painkillers – especially at night, it’s always worse at night!

We have three more canines to go and then her ‘two-year-old’ molars. I have no idea when those are coming as Willow’s teething schedule is all over the place, but I know for sure I’m not looking forward to it!


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