Friday Favs

Shoe obsession

This week has been a lot of fun and has completely flown past.

I have been busier than ever and we have all been settling well into our new routines – especially Miss Willow who barely said goodbye to me this morning as she toddled off to go play with her friends.

Willow Bug has been walking more than ever and has now started refusing my help. If I hold out my hand to her she pushes it away and continues on her mission.

She has started to show a lot of sass. I called her to help me tidy up the other day and she shouted a sound that sounded a lot like ‘no!’ before she disappeared to investigate something. Yesterday, she was hell bent on putting the TV remote in the washing machine and no amount of distraction would deter her…#toddlerlife.

Product of the week: I have been obsessed with the Loreal True Match Foundation this week. I love the way it goes on, how it wears, the shade, the finish. It is just ticking all the boxes for me.

Song of the week: This week I’ve been kicking it old school. Fleetwood Mac has been on repeat – especially Dreams. That song is everything.

Best moment: I had an incredibly productive day on Tuesday and it felt so good! I really loved being busy and having things on the go. It made me incredibly happy.

Looking forward to: Seeing my parents this weekend. It feels like it’s been ages since I last saw them! I’m looking forward to them seeing Willow walking and I seriously need my mom’s help with a jersey I’m knitting.




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