The toy rotation experiment


Willow got a lot of new toys for Christmas and her birthday! So much so I felt like we were drowning in a sea of plastic.

So after a lot of research I decided that we would give toy rotation a go.

What is toy rotation? Basically, you pack away the majority of the toys and only bring out a few at a time. When you see you child is starting to get bored you bring out a new selection of toys and stash the ones you were using away. This keeps your toys collection fresh and stimulating and the child feels like they’re getting new toys to play with.

We bought a selection of plastic bins to store the toys in and I packed away a lot of toys, leaving just a few for Willow to play with. Those toys I put in open boxes so she had easy access to them when she wanted to choose toys to play with.

The others I piled up against the wall in our lounge/play room. We are planning on getting a built in cupboard installed. I’m really looking forward to this as then I will be able to put the bins away and Willow won’t see them. She is very smart and knows that there are toys in the bins.


I also set up stations. She has a large carpeted area that has the majority of her toys, then there is a stash of toys outside for her to play with, as well as a set up on the coffee table. This way she has different places she can investigate during the day.

So far the system is working well with us. I feel like she’s not so overwhelmed anymore and the toys are actually getting played with. Also, the play area is much easier to tidy now and doesn’t look like a total disaster all the time (only half a disaster ;p).

All in all, I think toy rotation is definitely the way to go.



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