Willow’s 12 Month Doctor’s Appointment

We went to Willow’s 12 month check up yesterday, rounding up the most monumental year of my life.

It was all good news, for which I am incredibly grateful, and it really brought home to me how much this little one has grown and developed over the past year.

During the assessment, the doctor checked if she could do things like wave her hands, rotate her wrists, clap, follow simple instructions, crawl, point, says a few words etc. Though she is still not standing

Though she is still not standing independently or walking on her own, he confirmed there is nothing to worry about. She walks when we hold her hands and has recently started walking with us holding only one hand, which is huge. If you let go of her hands, she very slowly and with the utmost control lowers herself to the ground – this tells him that developmentally she is on track and it’s purely a confidence issue. She’ll walk when she’s ready, probably in the next few months.

He’s very happy with her milestones so far. He has also given us the go-ahead to introduce full cream cow’s milk when we’re ready.

He then took her measurements. She now weighs 9.95kg on their scale (she’s 10kg on our scale at home, so not much difference). She is measuring 79cm in height and 41cm in head circumference. This puts her in the 75th percentile for weight and head circumference and the 91st percentile for height. Confirming what I’ve known all along – we have a tall skinny girl in our lives.

Finally, he checked her ears, nose and throat. We wanted to see how her ear pressure is doing because of her sinus issues and allergies. She was good on all accounts except for her one ear that still has slightly elevated pressure. We’re keeping her on the antihistamine and nasal spray regime for now and will check again in a few months time.

Before we left the rooms we had one more stop to make. She needed her 12-month vaccinations done. She got three this time: one in her arm and one in each leg. She only cried for one prick and I think it was purely because she wasn’t expecting it.

So that’s it now until her next check up at two and her next round of vacs at 15 months!


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