Willow’s First Birthday Party

Blowing out the candle

When I thought about what I wanted Willow’s first birthday to be, I wanted something small, cosy and not overwhelming for her. I also wanted it to be easy, not too much work, yet still special.

Well, we had the party on Saturday and I think I managed to tick all the boxes and I am so pleased with how the day went. I had both my parents and my in-laws here to help and everything came together so beautifully! It was a wonderful day celebrating Willow’s first year of life and the best part is that she had tons of fun!

The theme I went for was yellow and white with daisies – which to me are a quintessential summer flower and they make me really happy. We didn’t do much in terms of decor, but what we did looked really festive. I got quite a few yellow and white polka dot things – balloons, bunting, table cloths, napkins, cups, plates and straws. I also had some paper fans which we hung from the ceiling and a long rolled of crepe paper streamer that was draped everywhere.

In terms of food – I got platters from the local supermarket and my friend made us awesome cupcakes. My mother-in-law also organised a beautiful birthday cake which was almost too pretty to cut into (we did, and it was delicious. Although I’m still eating cake as it was huge!). We had large drinks dispensers with ice water and watermelon lemonade and also did the usual soft drinks etc.

Willow wore an adorable polka dot onsie with a big purple tutu attached and I found a really pretty headband at Cotton On for her. She looked so cute! She was also comfortable and was able to chase her cousin and friend around so she counted that as a win.

Willow was absolutely spoiled rotten. After all the gifts she has gotten from Christmas and her actual birthday she finally got the hang of ripping the wrapping paper. She loved to tear into the gifts – far more than what was inside I think.

We all had a great day and I am so proud of how Willow handled everything. She had a good nap before the party and went down easily for her second nap afterwards. She was all smiles and giggles at the party. She thoroughly enjoyed being the centre of attention!

Admiring the decorations Enjoying blackberries Second taste of cupcake Showing off her cake Opening presents, cousin Shay helping Loves lemon! First taste of lemon Spending time with Grandad Presents! First taste of cupcake Birthday cake Being entertained by her adoring fans Balloons!


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