12 Months of Willow

12 months

A year!!! Holy crap that went by so fast! I cannot believe that we are here already.

I have already written an ode to how I feel about all this that you can read here. This post is our standard monthly update (and last one until Willow is about 18 months old!).

Willow has become a real little toddler. She has this amazing personality and laughs and giggles a lot. She is very happy and we love that. She is curious, adventurous and a little mischievous.

She loves her food and will eat huge amounts at meal times. She is a big fan of chicken and watermelon at the moment. She is also sleeping quite well at the moment.

She hasn’t started walking yet and she barely stands on her own. She prefers crawling for getting around. She is so fast too! You really need to keep an eye on her because she will disappear so quickly. The walking will come when she’s ready and we’re not rushing her. In the past few days she has seemed more open to trying to stand on her own. So who knows, maybe walking is just around the corner. I have a feeling when she catches on everything will happen very quickly so I’m keeping an eye out.

Here is some more of what’s been going on this month:

• Weighs 10kg and is 78cm tall!

• Calls all animals a Doh! and squeals with excitement whenever she sees one.

• Likes to point in the direction she wants to go in and say Der!

• Has celebrated her first Christmas

• Went on her first family holiday to the beach

• Loves nesting toys and will try and fit objects inside one another. Especially loves to put things in boxes.

• Got a shape sorter for Christmas and can put the circle in its hole perfectly on the first try. More complex shapes still throw her off a bit.

• Still isn’t standing independently yet. She has stood for a few seconds on her own a couple of times but that’s it. She walks with her walker and has started putting less weight on objects she is standing at. She walks with an adult holding only one hand. She has also started doing these weird yoga poses where she rests her head on the ground and lifts her bum in the air – sort of like downward facing dog. Not sure what the purpose of this is, but she enjoys it.

• Sleep training is what I would consider a success. We put her down for naps and night time sleep fully awake. We kiss her good night and leave the room. She babbles for a while, but normally falls asleep within 15 to 20 minutes. No more crying and screaming! (unless she’s teething, but that’s a horse of a different colour).

• We have two more teeth! Her top two molars have broken through. They were extremely difficult and caused a lot of heartache, but they’re through now. The count is officially 10 teeth.

Sweet girl Christmas day Chatting on the phone IMG-20151214-WA0003 (Medium) 20160104_082750 (Medium) (Medium) What taking a photo of a one year old really looks like 20160104_082644 (Medium) book worm Birthday girl! How to eat a litchi Best way to spend hot days Water baby The water table was a hit New toys for Christmas Modern woman Holiday vibes Fishy! Trying to figure out how to pull the christmas tree on her head Baby at the beach

Our little one turns 1 today!

Our little one turns 1 today!



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