Goals for 2016

Happy New Year All! I have been so wrapped up in birthday stuff that the first few days of January have flown passed. I hope that 2016 is your best year yet!

I’ve always been a fan of self-improvement – of making small changes to the way I live my life. I also like goals – a small list of things I want to achieve. I feel immense satisfaction when I hit a goal.

With all this in mind, I thought I would share with you the short list of goals I would like to achieve in the new year:

  1. I would like to drink more water. I am very bad at getting in all the water I’m supposed to. This year I would really like to focus on making sure I’m drinking enough water.
  2. I would like to exercise at least three times a week. If I get in more then that’s great – the point is to get moving and to do it more often.
  3. I would like to be tidier. I’m notorious for just putting stuff down. I have good intentions of putting it away later, but in the moment, I just put things down or shove them in an impractical place. Before I know it I’m drowning in clutter. When the clutter gets too much I find the task of putting away and tidying really overwhelming. So putting things away in their right place the first time is something I really want to work on.
  4. I would like to read more. I’m an avid reader, but didn’t have my time for it in 2015 – for obvious reasons. Now that Willow is a little older and is sleeping much more regular hours I would like to spend more time with my nose in a book.
  5. I want to be present more. I often find myself stuck in a social media wormhole. I’m constantly checking facebook, twitter and Instagram. In 2016 I would like to ‘switch off’ more and spend more time being present in the moment.
  6. I want to be more dedicated about recycling and bring more environmentally conscious. Again I have good intentions, but when push comes to shove I take the path of least resistance. This year I want to put my money where my mouth is and start being more aware of the environment and my family’s impact on it.
  7. Willow and I will also be starting down the path of weaning her from breastfeeding this year. I have been incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity and ability to breastfeed for a year. But I am ready to be done now. We have started the process of night weaning and so far it is going well. She dropped her morning feed all on her own and now that she can drink cow’s milk I will start substituting it for one feed at a time. Stay tuned for more on that adventure.

How about you? Is there anything you want to achieve in 2016?


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