Creating new traditions – Christmas

One of the great things about having a baby is the opportunity to create new traditions. Up until now Christmas has been a bit of a stressful affair with a lot of travelling between Hubby’s family and mine.

This Christmas is set to be different as its unfair to pack Willow up in the middle of everything and cart her off to a new location. So from now on Hubby and I have decide to start alternating Christmas between the families.

Beyond that though we never really had traditions of our own. Sure I would put up a tree every year, but that was about it. This year my family and I will start our own set of traditions and I am amped about that.

I want to decorate the house from top to bottom and play carols all day, but I’m refraining for now. Hubby would kill me if the decorations go up to early. But come December 1st watch out!

I have gotten a whole lot of new decorations for the tree (every year I have been adding to my collection) but this year I want to start making decorations as well. I got the idea from Pinterest (where else?) and I have already gone out and bought what I need. I love the idea of having decorations that carry a lot of sentimental value and tell the history of your family.

The decorations will be impressions of Willow’s hands and feet and each year the new additions show how she’s grown and changed. When she’s old enough she can start making her own to go on the tree. I just love the idea and look forward to having something special to do with her.

What are your Christmas traditions? I would love to hear how you celebrate with your family.


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