We’re going on a summer holiday!

I am seriously excited. We have left for our first family vacation. What makes it even better is that its a BEACH holiday!!!

We haven’t been to the sea in years. The last time I saw the sea was when Hubby and I got engaged (we went on a cruise!) but it doesn’t count as going to the beach. We have a great self cater apartment in Umhlanga and I’m living each day in anticipation.

Its a five hour car journey so I’m a little nervous about that. Willow’s longest stint in the car has been four hours, so I’m sure we’ll survive. We plan to leave around the time for her first nap so hopefully she will sleep for a large portion of the drive.

I can’t wait to see what she thinks of the sea and the beach sand. We’ve gotten her a little bucket with scoops so she can play in the sand and she’s swimming like a fish now so we’re hoping to have a lot of fun playing at the pool. I also want to take her to the aquarium at Ushaka Marine World. She loves fish and I’m sure she’ll get a kick out of the aqauarium.

Hubby and I are looking forward to creating new traditions and having this be an annual getaway for our family.


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