11 Months of Willow

Can we all stop and take a deep breath. Willow will be 1 NEXT month!!! What?! I may need more than one deep breath!

She continues to be a complete delight and is already acting so much like a toddler. Pretty much the only thing she’s not doing so far is walking and talking.

We have been getting little temper tantrums when she’s frustrated, tired or hungry, she is naughty and mischievous, she does things and I am in awe as to when she learned to do that! She is fussy about food – only eating when she can feed herself and loving something one time and hating it the next. Her awake window has also increased to 2.5 hours in the morning, three hours in the middle of the day and three to four hours in the evening.

I keep catching myself wondering how she got so big so quickly. She’s such a little person already with this sassy personality. Its incredible.

Here are a few of her achievements this month

• She crawls like a pro with such speed now. The urge to walk seems to have taken a back step. She figures she can get where she wants faster if she crawls

• She stood on her own for a few seconds – she has done this a few times, once completely on her own (unprompted), which I missed! She is also walking well using the walker or when you hold her hands.

• We gave in an d gave sleep training a go. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do but the rewards where immense! While not perfect Willow now puts herself to sleep and 90% of the time I don’t have to go in and check on her. She is normally asleep within five to 10 minutes of saying goodnight. I plan to tackle night weaning after Christmas. I feel she is waking up at 1am purely out of habit. Feeds are so short and she falls asleep immediately.

• She cruises like a pro – she moves from one piece of furniture to the wall to the next piece of furniture.

• She has learnt the art of the graceful decent – she can get into standing position pretty well and this month she learned how to get back down. Its so cute because she has a little method and routine that she must follow each time. Its all very controlled and careful – if the approach is not right she aborts mid way and stands up to start again. Its a lot of fun watching her play now because she will crawl up to her toy box, pick a toy, sit and play for a while, crawl off to something else, stand up, play for a while, get down, crawl to the next thing. Too cute for words.

• She definitely knows who Mama and Dada are and I often here her calling Mama! in the morning when she wants me to go fetch her.

• She loves things that make a noise when you push a button and will sit for ages producing the same reaction over and over. Also her Fisher Price Puppy has become a favourite – especially when it sings songs. She will make it sing then sit and clap her hands or wave in time to the music.

• She has figured out that certain objects can fit inside other objects and will spend ages putting things in and taking them out again. This includes herself in her tunnel or tent.

• She has decided that she is too old for purees and will only eat what she can feed herself. So we have moved on to baby led weaning and she’s eating what we eat. I feel she’s eating a lot less than she used to, but her demand for breastmilk hasn’t really increased and she’s still growing well. So I keep repeating “Under One Just For Fun” to myself and let her get on with it.

• She claps a lot now. She claps when music comes on, she claps when other people clap, she claps when you sing ‘if you’re happy and you know it’. Its adorable.

• She’s becoming such a little character. She’s quite demanding, full of fun, mischievous, inquisitive, creative and resourceful. I can’t wait for her to start talking and to tell me all the thoughts that are going on in that head of hers…

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