One of those weeks

This week has been tough so far. Its the week before we go away on our first family holiday and I seriously have holiday brain already.

To make matters worse I have the biggest, most insane to do list to get through. Not only are there tons of errands to get done before we leave on Saturday, I also have a lot of actual work to do so that I am ahead of myself and can enjoy a stress-free vacation.

Problem is it seems that everything is working against me. Monday was spent driving as we had been away for the weekend and spontaneously decided to stay an extra day. As soon as I got back to Joburg I had to head off to Willow’s swimming lesson, then Daddy came home from work and it was play time, dinner time, bath and bed. By the time that was all done I was finished.

Tuesday looked promising. I got up nice and early, Willow was in a great mood. I got her fed and dressed and was just dressing myself when the power went out. We got a message from the power company saying they had no idea what the problem was and no idea when the electricity would be restored. Great – no work today then either.

I decided to head off to get some of the errands sorted – which Willow hated – we got home, she managed to have an afternoon nap, but woke up because it was so hot in her room without the fan. She was soaked in sweat, poor little thing.

In an effort to cool her off, rinse off the sweat and give her a ‘bath’ (still no power and no way to make hot water for a real bath) be decided on a family swim. It was great fun and just about the only redeeming feature of the day.

Today (Wednesday) I have power, but I also have a clingy baby who won’t play by herself. I’m grabbing the few precious, nap time minutes available right now to try and get through the work I need to do. We have a swimming lesson this afternoon and I still have a few more errands to run. Its just turning out to be one of those weeks I’m afraid.


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