H&M Clothing Haul

H&M has just recently launched here in South Africa and after all the excitement died down (do they throw parties lie that for every store opening?) I decided to go have a mozy through the store and see what I could find.

First off the bat I have to say that the Sandton store is not very pram friendly. It is so crammed full of merchandise that there’s barely any walking room. Its my one gripe because trying to manouver a pram through a shopping centre is hard enough as it is. I don’t know if its because the store is new and it will open up a bit after things settle down, but I had a really tough time in there with the pram.

That aside, the clothes! So much cuteness in one place. I was really impressed by what I saw, by the prices of the stock and even more so by the variety of boy things. Now I know I don’t have a boy, but have you noticed how kids clothings stores are filled with seas of pink and in one tiny corner is where you find the boy stuff? I have always felt sorry for moms with boys because there is no variety for them at all. H&M has a good range of boys clothes and they are adorable.

Onto what I got for Miss Willow. I only picked up a few things, but what I got is all interchangeable. More so when I got home and saw what she already has in her cupboard I was happily surprised by the fact that the stuff we bought goes with a lot of what we already own.

The photos below show you how I plan to mix and match everything.

What we got: blue t shirt with bow, white and green striped shirt with fruit print, navy strawberry print dress, delicious monster tropical print shorts, pink and white print shorts, coral chino shorts. We also picked up this absolutely adorable and incredibly soft sleepy bunny which Willow uses as a lovey at bedtime.

20151112_123049 (Medium) 20151112_123119 (Medium) 20151112_123038 (Medium) 20151112_123012 (Medium) 20151112_122958 (Medium) 20151112_122943 (Medium) 20151112_122922 (Medium)20151112_123145 (Medium)


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