More teething, the queen of grumpy and other stories

My gorgeous girl

Hi there! Today I thought I would do a little life update for you and let you know what’s been going on in this house. It may be a touch rambly, but I seem to be in that kind of mood. Its nice every now and then to touch base and let you know what really happens ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak.

We have been having a bit of a whirlwind November so far. It has included the whole family getting sick – TWICE!, the return of teething and as a result queen grumpy pants and a win on the sleeping front. So lets get into it:

As you may remember November started off with Willow getting a cold that turned into croup. She then gave it to me and I gave it to my husband. Let me tell you this family was miserable and it took ages to fully recover. Poor Willow was especially hard hit, but once we got over it she seemed to bounce back pretty quickly and returned to her normal joyous self.

Then last Friday she was behaving all niggly again. I thought it was teething and just endeavoured to get through the day as best as we could. At around 2pm she started vomiting. I won’t lie to you, I went into full on panic mode. She never even spat up as a newborn – this is the child who doesn’t vomit. I was in a tizz and didn’t know what to do. When she had thrown up three times in the hour I did what any new mom would do. I packed her up and took her to hospital (I did try phoning the paediatrician first, but they were all out of the office!).

At the hospital they gave her some anti-nausea medication and checked that she wasn’t dehydrated and when it looked like the vomiting had stopped they sent us home. In the meantime I had started feeling queasy. I thought it was because I had been so stressed and that smell – I don’t really need to explain. But turns out I had the bug too and I spent the night curled up in bed feeling very sorry for myself and running to from the bathroom.

Then Hubby got it and in typical man style completely stopped functioning to 48 hours. He literally did not move from bed and couldn’t be upright until it had passed…

Looks like we are back in teething territory. Willow has been working hard on her first molars and I’m sure teeth nine and 10 will be making their debut shortly. You never see her without her fingers in her mouth these days and teething molars has made me realise how ill equipped teethers are for the task. They are great for helping relieve pain and bring out the front teeth, but the back teeth are very neglected. The poor kids are left on their own to deal with the discomfort. Companies seriously need back teethers, especially for early teethers like my daughter.

Willow as been increasingly grumpy lately and her sleep has been a little touch and go as well. When I run my fingers along her gums I can feel the bumps where the molars are pushing and the one on the left feels quite sharp now (not through the gum yet, but I can feel the hard tooth lying in wait).

Poor little thing is having a rough time of it. I hope they break through soon and give her some relief.

Speaking of teeth I had a dentist appointment and an orthodontist appointment recently. I had braces as a kid but my teeth have moved and I wanted to get them sorted out. Turns out the work we need to do is far more extensive than I realised and as of the new year I will be in braces for the next two years. And not the discrete Invisline sort – oh no! I need full on railway track, plus and additional palatal piece for 8 to 9 months. I feel like I’m 16 again!


Aside for the recent blip we’ve had which has been caused by Willow’s teeth it looks like sleep is finally coming right! I hesitate to say that its perfect, or fixed etc. as really what is perfect sleep? And just like an adult she has better nights than others.

That said the going to sleep process is a lot easier and has resulted in me be happier, my husband being happier and Willow getting a lot more sleep. We have refined our bedtime routines, started having alternating nights to put her down and no more racking or nursing her to sleep.

She has taken to the new way of doing things quite well. 90% of the time we don’t need to go back into her room after saying goodnight (for naps and night time sleep!) It was tough in the beginning but we’ve gotten through it. Some nights she will still cry, but most of the time she just lays in bed chatting to her bunny and until she drifts off. It normally never takes more than 10 minutes and she’s sleeping much longer now too.

But as I said earlier some days are better than others, we still have rough patches here and there. On a whole though, I am incredibly happy with our new regime.

Other than that my house is a complete disaster. I seem to be drowning in clutter and need to do a serious tidy. But do I want to? That would be a huge, resounding no!



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